A Couple Projects: Website, Direct Mail, Social Media

Posted on June 16, 2010


I’ve been on the verge of working for myself when it comes to putting my public relations education to work. Lately, I’ve been picking up a few projects from various small companies. I’ve offered to do their social media, build them websites, design a direct mail piece; whatever helps them connect to their customers.

Although it’s very tough to get the ball rolling, I love what I’ve been doing when I actually convince myself to get to work. Below are a couple of projects I’ve been playing with.

Texas Sunbelt Series (Direct Mail Package)

Of course, my baby is first on the list. I designed this direct mail piece as an invitation to one of my upcoming races this coming Labor Day.

Invitation to the second annual Lone Star Invitational - front side

Invitation to the second annual Lone Star Invitational - back side

SMS Racing (Website, Social Media, Marketing)

I just started doing a few things with this small KTM motorcycle dealership here in Denton. They have a horrible website, which is still up for now. I’ve been working on a layout for the new site and should have it completed before the end of the week. I’m also getting them started on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. With most of their customers between 16-30, social media is a must for them. I’ll also be doing special events, direct mail packages, and anything else; they’ve pretty much given me free reign on the marketing side of things.

Check out the very, very basic mockup I did last week:

Very basic idea layout for the new SMS website

FLUX Action Sports (Social Media)

This is a really cool project I’m excited to be involved in. A new friend of mine, Dax Hardage, is starting up a new company geared toward action lifestyle sports, most notably, skateboarding and motocross. It’s heavily internet based for now, and these guys carry apparel and hard parts for moto and skate. It’s still in its infancy, but you can check out the website, Facebook, and Twitter. Good things coming soon.


There are a few other things I’ve been working on, but nothing exciting enough to highlight this time. I like this small niche I’m carving out – hope it starts paying the bills!

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