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what a strange world

February 6, 2015


a strange world indeed. where we want money without the work, experiences without the expense, love without the hurt. where we’re always 5 minutes late, but we never leave 5 minutes earlier. where we sling vehicles around, cursing others, just to be the first in line at the next red light. where we spend money […]

Solve Problems with Patience

December 5, 2013


There are several people in my life, both personal and professional, that move a lot quicker than I do. Call them Type A, say they have ADD, call it a sense of urgency; they are all moving very fast and expecting instant gratification. Sometimes, this works for them. They achieve results in less time or […]

Rules for a Successful Relationship

November 5, 2013


Love one another.

Social Media in Tragedy: Just Stop

April 15, 2013


“My thoughts and prayers are with those in Boston today.” I saw several of my friends post something similar today after hearing about the bombs at the Boston Marathon. Times like this, I have to shut down every social outlet because my blood pressure spikes. Not because of the tragedy or the reminder of how […]

Homeowner: The “Before” Gallery

March 2, 2013


February 26, 2013 – I bought a house. I’m excited, nervous, scared, and more. But mostly, I’m happy.

Draft: Think Outside the Box; Act on the Edges

October 30, 2012


I started writing this more than two years ago. I saved it, thinking I’d return to finish it another time, probably because I lost my train of thought. I just stumbled across it now and, instead of finishing it, I thought I’d post it and let you take from it what you will. _____________________________ Drafted […]