Born and raised a cotton ginner’s son in central Texas, I learned what it meant to work. Work when work’s good, work when it’s not; work when you can, work when you can’t; work to provide, work because it’s right. My dad always says, “Whether you sail with the wind or against the wind, you must sail nonetheless.”

As I aged, I learned the importance of solid relationships. In the cotton gin business, a man’s handshake is better than any contract he could sign. I still offer my word as if it were gold. My mother taught me the Golden Rule and made sure I lived by it. I can honestly say I have zero enemies because of her.

When I was 12, I started racing motocross. I progressed into the pro ranks by 2005 and still ride for fun to this day. I developed and promoted a statewide motocross series based in Lubbock, Texas at 211 Motocross, a 20-acre course I bought in 2009. This is where I got my feet wet in event management. After five years of promoting races, I sold the business and the property when it got too large to manage from Dallas.

I earned a degree from the University of North Texas in December 2009. I’ve been published consistently since 2004 as a freelance writer for Playground Magazine, Holeshot Magazine, RacerX Illustrated, the North Texas Daily, and Vurbmoto.com.

Today, I am a Senior Account Executive at Monkeybread Marketing. We engage local communities through social initiatives on behalf of local Chevy dealers.

Obviously, I try to keep a lot of irons in the fire. Sometimes I get overwhelmed; other times, I’m stuck twiddling my thumbs. But, I log more than 30,000 highway miles a year, interact with hundreds of people, and never wake up dreading the day.

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