what a strange world

a strange world indeed.

where we want money without the work, experiences without the expense, love without the hurt.
where we’re always 5 minutes late, but we never leave 5 minutes earlier.
where we sling vehicles around, cursing others, just to be the first in line at the next red light.
where we spend money to be happy, but feel guilty about it.
where we plan and plan and plan while sitting and sitting and sitting.

how is it possible to be jealous of the penniless backpacker and the millionaire workaholic at the same time? how is anyone ever supposed to know what to do? it’s like i’m chasing too many dreams at the same time because i’m so afraid of my time running out. the irony is that time slips by while i continuously change my mind.

then i remember i belong to the richest 2% of people in the world. you do too, since you’re reading this. so now i’m ashamed for complaining.

“but it’s not wrong to want to do better for yourself.”
“but you should be grateful and content with what you have.”
“but you should always be improving.”
“but be happy.”
“but not satisfied.”

how? is there really a balance of knowing you have it all and still wanting more?


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