Instagram Announces Web Profiles

Posted on November 6, 2012


Today, Instagram announced something I’ve been waiting/wishing/hoping for in my daydreams. Over the next few days, Instagram will be rolling out web profiles for their users.

Despite looking way too much like Facebook, I’m really excited about this. The most obvious reason is the size difference between my iPhone screen and my computer screen. Without a zoom function (how many times have you “liked” a photo from double-tapping?), it can be frustrating to see what your friends are up to when they post photos from WAY too far away. Let’s face it; there are very few actual photographers on Instagram, but photos are still the most fun way to stalk your friends. The mobile app does what it’s supposed to do for the most part, but I’ve been waiting to be able to view photos large enough to enjoy.

Having all of a user’s photos in one “browse-able” place is a huge plus for me. I know you can do this on the mobile app, but again, the size of the thumbnails make it less fun to browse and easier to not care. I had a poster made from a number of my Instagram photos and I enjoy staring at that more than my phone. A large collage of wonderfully random photos is so much more enjoyable when you can see 20 photos as opposed to 4.

Of course, there isn’t currently much more you can do on the web profile than browse, like, and comment. All photos need to be added via the app, the important profile edits (privacy, blocking, avatar) need to be made on the app, and users can only create accounts on the app (all the details here). But, all of that, I’m OK with. In the end, I still believe Instagram is better as a mobile app.

I use Instagram to capture scenes on vacation, on rides, around town, and even in my garage. I’ve not once wished I could upload a photo from behind my desk. But I often wished I could browse other’s moments from behind my desk. And now I can. And you can see mine here: ksbrg on Instagram.

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