GoPro Footage – Freestone MX Loretta Lynn Amateur Regional

Posted on June 4, 2012


GoPro helmet cam footage from moto 1 and moto 2 of the Junior +25 class at the 2012 Freestone Loretta Lynn Amateur Regional.

The GoPro ran out of battery before the third moto, but you can get an idea of who was there and what the track was like.

Top 6: Robbie Reynard, Taylor Painter, Jesse Moore, Craig Royse, Vernon McKiddie, Dustin Gills.

I went 11-13-7 for 8th overall. My ultimate goal earlier this year was a top 6 finish, but I readjusted that to top 10 after finding out who my competition was. After being disappointed in myself the first two motos, I came out swinging the last race and redeemed myself. I ran 4th for half the race, then faded to 8th before passing another racer back just before the finish. Overall, I’m happy with the 8th place, but focused on bettering that soon.

2012 Freestone Loretta Lynn Amateur Regional – +25 Helmet Cam

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