Good Try, Facebook. You’re Getting Closer.

Posted on December 16, 2010


Facebook, you little trickster. Seems like every few weeks, you dump a brand new design, re-design, or re-re-design on us. First, you took away my status box. Then, you forced the poke button on me. Now, you took away my pages tabs and put them as links on the sidebar. I will admit, I was so extremely excited to see this a few minutes ago:

Facebook's New Fan Page

Login as page? Don’t mind if I do. I was really pumped to browse Facebook and my fans’ personal profiles as a fan page. Maybe personally deliver them a photo of themselves from the last race by posting on their wall. Maybe “like” one of their statuses that said they wanted to go ride this weekend. You know, be social.

I then realized I could do no such thing. The new Facebook fan page layout/login still restricts you to your fan page bubble. You can’t interact with your fans outside of your page. There are, however, a few new things I did think were cool.

  • You can view notifications as a page. No more wondering if anyone has posted anything a fold or two back.
  • You can choose to login as your page or work as your personal account.

I would really like the latter, if I were able to post on my fan page as myself. When logged into my personal (primary) account, all posts are still done as the fan page. So, I can’t initiate conversations or answer questions as me; I have to always be the “man behind the brand.” In the case of some businesses, including mine, people know me more than the business. My brand is my name and my face. I would love to be able to talk to my customers as me, not as a logo.

And now, as I write this, Facebook is down. I can probably count on one hand how many times Facebook has gone down on me. It’s probably better that way, as I’d spend a few hours trying to figure out the benefits of this new layout.

Until I can separate myself from the pages I admin, I don’t care. But give me my tabs back.

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