Use Facebook to Make Millions! (of Impressions)

Posted on November 11, 2010


This blog post may be a bit premature, so my immediate disclaimer is I’m writing this to straighten out a swarm of thoughts and opinions regarding using social media as a sales tool. Bullet lists are easier on paper. Anyway, I doubt you’ll find any answers in here, but you will find questions. And I would appreciate you answering my questions.

Today, I began thinking about the purpose of a social media manager. Where do their responsibilities fall? Presently, it has become increasingly difficult to separate marketing from sales. That said, is the Facebook manager responsible for a company’s bottom line?

Toss all variations of companies aside and focus on the most common: product/service company. You work for a company that sells Segway-style…things. (two-wheeler?) It’s a small startup company looking to break into a relatively new market. Your company offers a better product, but it is much more expensive. On top of that, it’s tough to convince people they really need one.

So you report to duty and set up your social accounts. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. You populate these accounts with links, videos, and photos; and the fans start coming in. A month later, you’ve got hundreds of fans on Facebook, weekly videos on YouTube, and a great amount of daily, positive interaction on the accounts. You’re busy, you’re excited – who wouldn’t be with all the buzz and engagement going on. All graphs point to social success. Two months go by with the same success.

But sales haven’t changed.

Is it your fault? You’ve gained fans and they seem to love the brand. Are you responsible for the lack of sales? No matter the fans or interactions, the brand isn’t making money. It seems as though you’re not doing your job.

I’m strictly asking if social media should be responsible for the bottom line. I understand there are ways (SCRM) to measure interaction and put a value on that relationship. Yes, you can say relationships and brand image are worth X amount, but I’m talking about the bottom line. Is it social media’s job to meet sales quotas?

Finally – would you work a social media position for commission?

I’m legitimately curious for feedback and opinions. Let’s hear it.

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