Cup of Coffee or One Thousand Fans? Get Either with Five Bucks

Posted on November 6, 2010


Last weekend, I got my first chance to experiment with Facebook ads. Now, I’ve read quite a bit on creating good ads that lead to “likes” and I was pretty excited to take a swing at it. I wasn’t disappointed.

With a budget of only $5 per day, I bid $0.20 per click (CPC, not CPM) and ended up getting an average cost of $0.09 per click. The CPM, even though I didn’t use that for bidding purposes, was running an average of $0.19 per. That’s $0.19 per THOUSAND views.

I’ve brought this page from 100 fans to more than 1,000 fans in less than a week for less than $35.00. Facebook ads work.

MotoXvest Daily Likes on Facebook
0 new likes Friday, 104 Saturday, 169 Sunday


Facebook Likes Worldwide
Taking this baby worldwide.



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