Old Design Work = Awesome

Posted on November 3, 2010


I went digging for an old logo today and ran across some of my old work. I found one of the first websites I ever created as well as a number of logos and advertisements. Most of this stuff is from 2007, which doesn’t seem like that long ago. I guess this post goes to prove one of two things: either technology advances extremely quickly, or I do.

I won’t deny, I feel that I’ve learned countless tips and tricks when it comes to design in the last three years. I really enjoy creating striking images and playing in Photoshop. I still don’t think I’m worthy of any sort of “design” title, but I will admit to being much better than I was three years ago. Hopefully, in three years, I’ll look back at what I did this year and laugh.

For now, though, enjoy these monstrosities of design failures. I got a good laugh from them.

Panther Creek Website Header

Header image for the first website I ever built.

Holeshot Magazine Advertisement

First magazine advertisement I built.


Panther Creek Homepage

Homepage of the first website I ever built.

Plaque Design

First plaque (trophy) I designed.
Panther Creek MX Logo

First logo I ever designed.


Let this be a lesson (and motivation) to never stop progressing.