Bullet Lists to Bangin’ Media

Posted on October 22, 2010


It’s that time of year for me. Now is the time I start planning for the Sunbelt Series, a chain of motocross races I promote across the vast expanse of west Texas. An integral part to the success of this race series is the participation of sponsors. Many provide contingencies for my racers, some provide money to pay staff and trophies, and others just make the event awesome by providing support.

Since the beginning, about four years ago, I’ve always used Word documents to show the success of the races in hopes of turning heads. You know the drill: nice headings, bullet lists, numbers, and a call to action paragraph. That’s great…if you still live in 1999. I started writing that document again this week and thought to myself, “Dude. You’re into emerging media and have a love for design, even if you’re not great at it. What’s up with the lame Word doc?”

So I started this integrated sponsorship proposal. It was horrible at first, but after a solid 10 hours of design, I’ve come to the final stages. I really feel like it’s a solid piece of work and am in the process of moving it online as a static webpage. It will contain links to more videos, a contact page, and to a “details” page. On the details page, one will be able to find that boring Word doc with more specifics regarding the past events and what I’m looking for.

Check it:

Sunbelt Sponsorship Proposal

The video is obviously a recap video from last year. The bullet list is an infographic you wouldn’t mind looking at. There’s a basic call to action. The best part, though? It’s FUN to look at. Welcome to World 2.0. The world of engaging, sharing, and having fun. The world where everyone is so busy, it takes a little more to grab a couple minutes of their time.

I’ve successfully gone from bullet lists and lame photos to engaging media and eye-catching design. Will it work? That will have to be another blog post.



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