Fighting Writer’s Block

Posted on August 10, 2010


I don’t really feel like writing right now and I would usually give up, start a movie, and climb under the covers. I’m going to try something new tonight.

I have an issue with not writing when I feel as though I have writer’s block. So, tonight I’m going to write through that and I apologize in advance if this becomes scattered and incomprehensible.  I really believe, though, that practice makes perfect. I feel that the more I write when I think I can’t, the easier it will be to write on command.

I’m not sure if “pushing through it” is a proven method to freeing one’s mind of that block, but I can imagine how it would work. For me, writer’s block usually stems from having too much to say rather than not being able to think of anything to write. At first, I always think I have nothing to talk about, but then realize it’s just that I have so much going through my mind that it’s impossible to organize.

Therein lies the problem. Writing is very much about organization, whether you think so or not. Organizing words, ideas, and messages. Even the most scrambled writings are organized. Haikus, which, to this day, make very little sense to me, are still organized. Anyway, I always end up realizing I have so much unorganized information in my mind that I just can’t find a place to start.

That’s where my solution of “pushing through it” comes in. Many times, usually with the pressure of a deadline, freeing myself of writer’s block is necessary and I don’t have time to wait it out. So, I sit down and start typing. It’s ugly, fragmented, horribly punctuated, and makes zero sense; but I keep going. I switch topics randomly, discussing everything until there’s nothing left. Then, with my mind uncluttered, I can start putting things back in with a sense of organization. Once that’s done, I’m able to cover the topic at hand with little interference.

Then again, I destroy my apartment in order to clean. I can’t tidy up without dragging everything out into the middle and starting from scratch. Same with my desktop; I can’t work unless everything (even if it’s from years gone by) is put in it’s proper place. I have 3 folders on my screen right now and I cannot do any work if there is a file outside of those folders.

Anyway, that’s how I deal. Seems like it works. After all, I didn’t feel like writing this post and yet, here it is.