Posted on July 27, 2010


Sometimes I like to make up words to express how I feel at that certain point in time. After all, words are the greatest source in the world. They are the greatest source of knowledge, history, excitement and emotion. I love words; I always have.

Right now, speaking generally in terms of life, I am searching for my limb on which to build my home. I am currently involved in no less than five freelance projects. This week, I have roughly three interviews that could lead to various places in the Lone Star State. Things are hectic.

In the midst of all this uncertainty, I find myself jolting with excitement when I least expect it. Off and on, I get paid to do what I love – communicate. Whether I’m presenting, Facebooking, tweeting, selling or e-mailing, I feel alive. I look forward to engaging people and finding out what they are all about. Sometimes, things just come together and create electricity.

I’ve always shone under pressure. My work has never been better and I’ve never felt more knowledgeable than I do at this point in time. I feel as thought I’m starting to understand bits and pieces of what is to come and it’s only making me want it more.

I’m loving the hecticity of my life.