Not My Cup of Tea

Posted on June 12, 2010



I graduated with a degree in public relations. I can persuade, sell, compromise, and diffuse. I can do that in English and in Spanish. I can design a mean poster, put together a killer direct-mail package, and execute some of the best events you could imagine. I’m a decent photographer and a talented writer. Social media doesn’t stand a chance and neither does any project I latch onto. Except one…

Web design. Ah, the tricky tricks of CSS and the engines it inhabits. Many years ago, I was just fine in Dreamweaver, pumping out Panther Creek MX v.1, v.1.1, v.2, and on. I could crank out a new website in less than a week.

Oh, but not now; now it seems no one even uses Dreamweaver to bring their illustrations to life. Everyone writes novels of code in TextMate or Coda or whatever and loads it up into WordPress or Expression Engine or something I don’t even know about.

Again, I can mock up a very nice website. IN PHOTOSHOP. It’s so sleek, smooth, functional (in my mind), and creative. Wow, nice navigation bar; ah, sweet edited photo with the text wrap; lovin’ the small intro video that rests lightly above the most current blog entries. And check out that custom Twitter feed!

Now, put it online and make it all work. AUGH. This was my big problem. I couldn’t transfer it into Dreamweaver, but I’ve learned how to this week. I spent nearly three full days watching tutorial after tutorial on CSS and finally got my feet under me. It all works in Dreamweaver! And, it even almost looks something like what I had in Photoshop.

But no, I can’t click my heels and it’s online and working. I’ve got to get everything into a WP or an EE or something so that it updates itself (Twitter, blog, etc.). Why? Because web developers know how smart they are and have made everything so difficult for PR majors so that we hire them.

Conspiracy. That’s what this is all about.