Twitter goes Cosmopolitan

Posted on June 1, 2010


…and I’m starting to hate it.

It all started years ago, when my favorite motocross magazine started advertising “10 Simple Steps to a Faster Laptime” on every single issue. The numbers would change, as would the wording of the end result, but it was always the same inside the article. The title could read “6 Ways to Decrease Your Laptime” or “11 Ways to Get the Edge on Your Competition” or “42 Tips for a Better Year of Racing,” but the articles all had the same basic idea: go faster.

Then it happened to Cosmo. Not sure when it happened, since I don’t keep up with that magazine and the stint between my last girlfriend and my current was…uh, lengthy. Not going there. Anyway, they started with the numerous ways to perk a relationship or perk an appendage. Every magazine, every cover, every month has at least three articles with ways to better some part of your sex/love life. In the end, they are all ways to get laid and make it awesome. The worst part is that all the tips have been the same for years, but cleverly rewritten.

Now Twitter. Many of you have already lost interest without me making it to my point. Not sure if that means I’m extremely good at ranting or extremely bad. Doesn’t matter.

Lately, my Twitter feed has become increasingly similar to cover of Cosmo. Nothing but tweets with links to articles that have the magic number of ways to a magical SM relationship with my lovers…er, clients. I’m starting to skim my followers’ tweets instead of perusing them. I’ve stop clicking on the links and reading what my tweeters are sharing. It’s become information overload and it doesn’t matter because most of the tips are the same as last weeks, but with new titles and new phrasing.

This is my plea for a cease-fire. Share good information, sure. Give me an article a day or so. But make sure it’s fresh information and not regurgitated. I have things to do (like blog-rant) and I don’t have time to read 2354397 ways to create better relationships. I’d rather communicate and interact with my fellow tweeters than shoot links back and forth.

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