Texas Sunbelt Series: Final Round

Posted on May 30, 2010


This last weekend was the final round of the Texas Sunbelt Series, a series of motocross race events I promote out in the west Texas region. This year, the four-round series had participants travel to Lubbock twice, down to Abilene, and to Midland in the end.

After watching the series grow by roughly 10% since its inception in 2007, I set a goal of an average turnout of 300 participants for this year. It looked as if that goal would become a reality after having 290 entries at the first round, 320 at the second, and 280 at the third. Historically, the third round is the worst, so I was in good spirits about hitting the magic 300 number at the final round. Unfortunately for me and the racers, that round was rained out and rescheduled; as many people know, reschedules are the death of races. In the end, the final round hosted roughly 230 entries and I didn’t meet my 300 mark. However, this was still the most consistent year for rider turnout and the first three rounds were some of the biggest races the Texas Sunbelt Series has seen.

I snapped a few photos with my iPhone during the course of the day to showcase a few elements of motocross race promotion and management. One of my long-term goals is to work in event management for a large youth-culture company, and I believe actions speak louder than words. And photos are worth a thousand words. And…well, you get the idea. Hopefully, these photos relate my experience with event management.

The final round was held at West Texas MX Park in Midland, TX. The club-owned track has been a hotbed for west Texas motocross since the 70's.

This was the smallest of the four events, but still pulled an estimated 350-400 spectators for the 2-day event.

Events sponsors are a must in motocross race promotion. Without landing major sponsors, like Motorex Oils, the Texas Sunbelt Series wouldn't even exist.

Of course, prizes and giveaways are the reasons the participants are here. We gave away nearly $10,000 worth of prizes to the top 5 finishes in each of the 25 classes.