Dirtbikes and Careers Don’t Mix

Posted on May 21, 2010


Yesterday, I went up to Muenster, Texas to do some off-road riding. I had always heard of the 2,000 something acres that border the Red River, but had never made the trip to check out what the buzz was all about. So, in the early a.m., I loaded my stuff into Cole Kirkpatrick’s moto van and shook our friend, Colin Montgomery, awake. After some Krispy Kreme and chocolate milk, I was set.

The entire day would end up being great. The soil was perfect, we had the entire park to ourselves, and I was riding well. Of course, Cole was hanging back with us for fun. You can’t really show up and outrun a top-ten national rider, no matter how awesome you feel. Cole knew the park well and took us through all the best parts. I even scared myself a few times on some big uphills and felt good about conquering them. The weather was perfect for riding and we were all having a blast.

After returning to the van after the first hour on the trails, I received a phone call from Tucker Rocky, a national motocross distributor. I had applied for an open position there just a week before. In the end, I set up an interview (which is happening tomorrow morning) and we continued our day of riding.

The more I began to think about it, the more I realized I should enjoy what may be my last day as a “kid.” This could be the end of unemployment and the end of my own schedule. The end of waking up late when I feel like it and doing my own work at 2 a.m. because I work better when it’s dead quiet. Of course, being an adult has its perks: no more worrying about paying rent, impulse buying, and a fatter wallet. It’s just going to be tough giving up a lifestyle I’ve become accustomed to.

And now, as I write, I start thinking about working for myself again. Must be that entrepreneurial attitude everyone says I have. I need advice.

Wow. I got way off topic. Final thoughts: Muenster was great. A career is scary.