Diamond in the Rough

Posted on May 18, 2010


Ready to do battle against west Texas soil.

The 14′ disc at 211 Motocross just wasn’t cutting it. Literally. In addition to not plowing deep enough, the disc would push the dirt to the sides, creating a gully of a track. Now, that’s all in the past. I bought this beauty today off a farmer back home.

She’s 17′ of pure turmoil. Like soil turmoil; get it? The plan is to get rid of the 3′ extensions on either side, unbolt the homemade hitch, move the shanks in, and let ‘er rip (pun intended). Once she’s down to 11’ and a little lighter, the old John Deere should be able to handle it without a problem.

Hopefully, this solves some prep issues and cuts down on track repair after the events are over.

Solid buy? We’ll see. Sorry for all the bad jokes, by the way.